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Magic Bio

Lead Scientist (TO-66F7F)

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We're a newly founded company focused on producing natural products using engineered microorganisms. Our mission is to leverage industrial fermentation to create new ways to manufacture products that are relevant for human health and wellness. We believe that metabolic engineering enables a new wave of microbe-based manufacturing that will revolutionize the production of medicine, food ingredients, cosmetics, materials, and lots more.

You will be joining a team of individuals who have deep expertise in biosynthesis, and who are passionate about using their scientific skill sets to help save lives, treat disease, and ultimately bring about positive change to the world. We are focused on creating a fast-paced work environment, shared learning, and deep respect for each other as teammates.

While our product focus will be kept secret prior to launch, we are looking for individuals who have experience in the following technical experience:

  • M. Sc, or PhD or similar qualifications in any of the following fields: Biochemistry, Biological Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Molecular Biology, Synthetic Biology, Cellular Agriculture, Metabolic Engineering or similar fields
  • Experience in bioprocess, fermentation, cloning, genome editing, purification of metabolites from microbial cultures.
  • Experience in working with fermenters of various scales, primarily at lab scale.
  • Work with yeasts, bacteria and filamentous fungi or similar organisms used in industrial biotechnology.

Tasks will include:

  • Preparation of the experimental design, including the creation of workflows for production and purification of natural products
  • Operating fermentation equipment and related tasks (culturing of seed cultures, keeping frozen stocks, bioreactor turnover, media preparation)
  • Preparing white papers, technical documents, and basic modeling of biological systems for productivity and cost projections
  • Lab setup, including permitting, equipment purchasing, safety considerations, etc.

We will prefer candidates who can contribute to a positive work environment, and who can contribute expertise while also seeking to challenge themselves in their career growth.

We are fully funded and if you are new to the startup work environment, we'll make time during our interview to help you understand the expectations, consideration and compensation for the position.

Position: Lead Scientist

Location: South Georgian Bay, Ontario

Looking for: Full-time, starting in November or December.

We will accept applications for individuals available for independent consulting on a flexible time commitment as well.

The first phase of work will be mostly remote during which we will be working on setting up facilities, purchasing equipment, and basic permits and regulations. During this time there will be occasional visits to the site. Once experimentation begins, you will begin working on site regularly.

1 week ago

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